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Building a Homebrew Arduino Mega2560 AD9850 DDS VFO. Tweet by wv2yau. published on: Thu Feb 05 2015. 14. 102 views Building an Arduino Mega 2560 version of the AD9850 Module DDS VFO. Based on 'theladderline' open source project. This is an upgrade of the Arduino 328 DDS VFO project. This i

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ZIPY is a homebrew inverted pendulum. Arduino Team — May 23rd, 2018. Control is handled by an Arduino Uno, which measures the angle of the stirrer as well as the position of the axis via a pair of encoders. The inverted pendulum or cart pole is a classic problem in control theory.

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Connect Arduino board to your development machine (PC or notebook) using USB cable. Write the codes, compile and upload it to the board. Mount WiFly module on top of the shield and stack the shield on top of Arduino. If needed, power down Arduino board before stacking the shield.

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The Arduino community is especially interested in tracking and propagating variant do it yourself, and homebrew Arduino-compatible efforts to help others create their own boards. Post links to projects which you know about here. SeeedStudio-Seeed is the IoT hardware enabler providing services that empover makers to realize their projects and

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This blog as a making memorandum on an amateur HAM radio Homebrew. Parts supply was also becoming difficult gradually recently. I should be very much obliged if you can do much person's communication. 2016年8月3日水曜日. Arduino about library Arduinoを始めて3ヶ月になったが、色々なトラブルに遭遇した。

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Arduino Homebrew: When Since I was a teenager electronics is my passion. It was some time ago and I can tell you that things are quite better now to the ones that want spend some time playing with components and a solder (or no solder at all, if you use a protoboar. . .

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Building a Homebrew Arduino Mega2560 AD9850 DDS VFO

A controller for a multi-band homebrew SSB/CW transceiver, targeting Arduino Nano and si5351 PLL. - prt459/Arduino_si5351_VFO_Controller_Keyer The script has been used for a number of homebrew transceiver, receiver and transmitter projects at VH3HN, each using the Arduino Nano/si5351 combination. All these projects share this common script.

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Python / Arduino Controlled Homebrew Setup (self. Homebrewing) submitted 4 years ago * by MakaMaka Over the last several years, I've built up a system based on a MoreBeer three-tier gravity sculpture, that uses Python and an Arduino to control a RIM tub, mounted on a RIM/chilling cart.

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2/5/2015Homebrew SWR and power meter First of all, this SWR meter in this article is not exactly homebrew, as I based the circuit on the schematic in the excellent book Arduino Projects of Amateur Radio . Although I bought the book and respect the copyright of the authors I …

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An HF Antenna Analyser for under $50. Background. The “$50 HF Antenna Analyser” started off life as a presentation for Pacificon 2013. The inspiration was what someone could do with a $5 DDS module found on eBay and a $35 Arduino micro-controller.

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My second homebrew Arduino/si5351 Digital VFO-Controller

BrewPi is a company in the the Netherlands, but we're very international: our customers and developers are from all over the world. We ship worldwide with FedEx at …

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How can I create multiple running threads? Ask Question 52. 21. It's a two chip homebrew video game console. So while it isn't exactly an Arduino, the entire system is built on interrupts. It has sample arduino code to blink an LED using a timer interrupt while using the main loop to do serial IO.

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Categories APRS, Arduino, Homebrew Tags APRS, APRSdroid, Arduino, Baofeng, GPS, KISS, TNC. 19 Replies to “Homebrew APRS – Arduino Uno KISS TNC” Jharwin Barrozo says: October 8, 2018 at 8:27 pm I can’t find C3 capacitor which is a 1 microfarad ceramic capacitor. Would it be possible if I used 1 microfarad electrolytic cap?