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Build Your Own Arduino Weather Station. Gareth Branwyn. Gareth Branwyn is a freelance writer and the former Editorial Director of Maker Media. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture. He is currently a contributor to Boing Boing, Wink Books, and Wink Fun.

Complete FM Radio using Arduino, TEA5767 library and LCD

Project Curacao2 – RaspberryPi and Arduino Based Environmental Station – Part 1. Project Curacao2 is a SwitchDoc Labs project being done for the world famous (19 worldwide contest wins) amateur radio station PJ2T located on the Caribbean nation of Curacao.

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For devices that do not have a specific library, the Arduino Wire. h library is used to read and write to I2C devices. The RDA5807M chip on the FM receiver module has a number of register addresses that perform a number of different functions. For example, you can scan for radio stations or have radio station information dynamically returned.

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Intro to the Arduino FM Radio Project . A few months back I built my first FM radio project on a breadboard using the TEA5767 FM radio module. The project works great, but it has some issues. OLED Python Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi Tutorial Robot RTC SMS ST7735 TEA5767 TFT TFT display Thermometer Touch Screen Tutorial Weather Station Wemos

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Arduino FM Radio. 10 years ago I bought a radio for my workshop. be that finding a station or keeping tuned to it. So I decided to gut it and put my own circuit inside. The radio in question is a Sunstec RP-S500. Apparently the Sunstec brand is owned by a Japanese company, have a bit of Arduino fun, make the radio work more like an

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Arduino Radio Library - The Examples This project is about controlling an FM radio chips by using an Arduino and some optional components like an LCD display, rotary encoder, a LCD+Keyboard shield and Ethernet Shield to build a standalone radio.

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Arduino radio station

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Arduino UNO, or any other similar board friendly with the arduino enviroment. -TEA5767 FM Radio module-16X2 LCD -2 Buttons Normally open (NA) or push buttons-330 ohms resistor-2x 10 k ohms reisistor-Jumper wires-Switch for to power on the radio-Led(as a power on …

Arduino radio station

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Block diagram of the short-range FM station is shown in Fig. 3 and its circuit diagram in Fig. 4. It is built around Arduino Uno R3 (BOARD1), FM transmitter V2. 0 module (TX1) and a few other components.

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/9/2017 Turn your Arduino into an AM radio transmitter! Print. Go Down. Pages: [1] 2. Topic: Turn your Arduino into an AM radio transmitter! (Read 25833 times) previous topic

Arduino radio station

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And anyone who has a radio device could receive it. We build everything on this module, which makes it very easy to build a tiny radio station. We also reate library for Arduino to work with this module.

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A radio, of course! Well, the project presented here is about building a compact Arduino FM Radio with the help of an astonishingly cheap (eBay) radio module. Recently, I built one for my needs and was very pleased with the preliminary results. Hardware Overview. My good old radio design was based on the TEA5767 radio chip.

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RDS information (station name) is displayed in the bottom of the screen. The screen backlight is automatically adjusted. The RDA5807 is a self-sufficient radio module. It implements 3. 3V power source. To make the project simpler, the Arduino pro mini 3. 3V controller is used to control the radio module.

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More Arduino Microcontroller Projects for Your Ham Radio Station! Building on the success of Arduino for Ham Radio, this book More Arduino Projects for Ham Radio includes 15 completely new practical and functional Arduino projects for the ham shack.

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1/6/2012The only use I can see for an Arduino in this scenario is to drive the display and manage station presets and so on - which implies to me that you would be interacting with the radio receiver at quite a low level and not just using it as a self-contained device.